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People often ask me how to engage their core to make their backs strong and healthy. I guess it sort of comes with the territory as a chiropractor and a yoga therapist. Most yogis often just opt for the rote response, “Uddiyana Bandha.” Well, I’m not most yogis! LOL. O:-) So let’s talk about Uddiyana […]

Utkatasana, a.k.a. chair pose, is one of the most standard postures in the Yoga room.  If you practice Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, or any kind of Power Yoga derivative, chances are you’re doing chair 5-10 times a class, if not more.  It is basically a modified squat and is one of those poses (like downward […]

Whether you just moved to L.A., are going through a break-up, or simply want some new energy, buying new furniture can be both fun and overwhelming.  Here in Los Angeles, there are hundreds of furniture stores…so where does a yogi begin if he/she wants something unique and not mass produced? The places listed below are […]

At an honoring celebration fit for royalty, over 5000 Yogananda devotees from across the world gathered on Sunday in Pasadena to offer their final blessings to current Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) President, Sri Daya Mata.  Born Faye Wright to prominent Mormon parents in Salt Lake City, Daya Mata met Paramahansa Yogananda in 1931 while the great […]

I like to think that high heels were created by a man who was so in love with his lady that he conceived of a way to make her walk slower so he could appreciate her beauty longer.  Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case.  Many people believe high heels had to be created by a […]

Mr. Miyagi, one of the world’s most famous martial artists, shared a mystical Reiki-like healing technique with his student Daniel Laruso in the 1984 cult classic, The Karate Kid.  Miyagi was not the first hands on healer and he definitely won’t be the last.  People have been practicing hands on healing techniques for thousands of […]