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Fashion Vs. Function

I like to think that high heels were created by a man who was so in love with his lady that he conceived of a way to make her walk slower so he could appreciate her beauty longer.  Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case.  Many people believe high heels had to be created by a woman because they help women look taller and feel slimmer and often give them a feeling of confidence and grace.

A common unspoken side effect of high heels, however, is the discomfort that comes with them.  Many women find that at the end of a long day or night of wearing heels their low back, neck, hips, knees and ankles hurt more than if they had been at boot camp for a week.  But, as they say, the price of fashion always comes with fine print.

So, what can be done to solve this fashionista conundrum other than simply ditching the heels entirely?

1) Try to shorten the duration that you’re wearing your heels.  Do you need them all day or can you wear something else until that big meeting or huge first date where you need to dress to impress?

2) Take a micro break behind your desk at work or in the bathroom and stretch the bottoms of your feet to soothe your ankles or relax your back by bringing one knee to your chest at a time and holding for a few breaths.  Good old fashioned yoga on a toilet seat…the last proverbial untapped market in Yoga.  LOL.

3) Don’t wear heels every day.  A study released in July 2010 from the University of Vienna’s Centre of Sport Sciences found that wearing 2 inch heels or higher for 5 days a week shrinks a woman’s calf muscle by over 13% and increases the thickness of her Achilles tendons by almost double that.  Think about that for a second: smaller calves AND fatter, thicker ankles.  Not good.

4) Heed the advice of Team Manolo Blahnik on who state that 3” is the highest heel a woman can comfortably walk on.  So be bold and go with shorter heels, which is still super sexy to us dudes and your body will thank us both in the long run!  The shorter heel will allow your pelvis to feel more stable and it will decrease the overarching of your lower spine that causes extra compression in the low back joints and knots in the low back muscles.

5) Consider trying some of the latest technologically advanced heels designed to take the stress loads off your body like the fashionable Women’s YOU by Crocs, the ultra hip 925 technology line by Kenneth Cole, the Michael Jordan-esque Cole Haan Airs and the heels made by Taryn Rose, whose brand was actually co-designed by a podiatrist!

While this list may not get you into Jimmy Choo’s or Colleen Cordero’s anytime soon, they’ll keep your feet much happier and your shoe-related healthcare costs to a minimum.  Lucky for you, you’ll now have extra $$$ for a monthly foot massage or some other stop on the ultra pampered route.  O;-)  Enjoy!

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