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Yoga and the Healing Sciences
A 200-Hour Teacher Training Program
at Loyola Marymount University


Here’s what past students had to say about our LMU TT program…

“I knew the program would be special, but I didn’t expect it to be as extraordinarily special as it was – words can’t describe it. My Yoga practice has become deeper and more expansive.”
– Lisa Durow, Occupational Therapist

“I grew tremendously over the ten weeks of the LMU teacher training. I strongly believe in the power of intention and when I received the flyer about this class in the mail I knew it was the right one. I had been considering taking a Yoga teacher training for four years! My life ten weeks ago was filled with anxiety and doubts and fears. This class has opened not only my eyes to the possibilities of life, but my heart as well. It has truly been a remarkable experience that I wish the entire world could share. The world would be a different place!”
– Barbara Treves, Interior Designer and Green Building Consultant

“I wanted to gain more awareness of Yoga as a philosophy and lifestyle and the LMU Yoga and the Healing Sciences program exceeded my expectations. It encouraged me to dive deeper and also gave me the space and support to learn about myself and grow. It came into my life right at a time of great change and challenge…and it has truly changed my life. I know it will have lasting effects on my day-to-day experience and my path. I am more open to love than I’ve ever been. I’ve become so much more aware of how beautiful everyone around me is. I couldn’t ask for more! I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.”
– Jessica Fishburn, Graduate School Student and Lululemon Employee

“This program helped me get back to what I initially loved about Yoga.”
– Alexis Earkman, Social Worker

“The Yoga Teacher training at LMU leaves no blank spaces. Eden and Terra’s curriculum profoundly marries the unmeasured benefits of the ancient insights of Yoga with modern lifestyles that beg for creativity and exploration.”
– Wanda Conrad, Business Manager @ AT&T

“The program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it. I enjoyed the variety of speakers and my classmates were great, too. I would encourage all of my friends and students interested in expanding their knowledge of Yoga to take this course. It is a catalyst to broaden their knowledge and scope of teaching.”
– Nicolle Lincir, Bikram Yoga Studio Owner

“This was the best program I could have taken and believe that it was meant to be that I had not enrolled in any other. I believe that LMU’s program is the most diverse and educational that you can find and it broadens the scope of opportunity – in learning, in teaching and in your world.”
– Rachie Meisel

“Yoga and the Healing Sciences is the most awesome 200 hr training that there is!”
– Mia Sykes, Community Activist

“I loved the LMU TT program! The exposure to all our marvelous visiting masters was invaluable. It exceeded my expectations in terms of depth and breadth of material. I thought that teaching Yoga to others might be something that is beyond my reach mainly because of doubting that I could inspire people – since inspiration was something that I was not sure I would be able to transmit. Now I believe that I can get to that place and I feel in my heart that it is within my scope and my grasp to touch people in this way.”
– Clea Jones, Psychologist

“My heart and mind have opened up to so many new experiences and pieces of knowledge. My spirituality has deepened. I feel that my faith has been reconfirmed. I’m learning more and more to accept myself and to believe in the love that I have inside and share it with the world. I have LOVED the experiences that both Terra and Eden have shared with us. They have been impactful beyond words.”
– Monique DeLoach, Middle School Teacher

“I am so glad that the LMU program wasn’t all asana because I feel like it went deeper due to the way things were presented. The end result was so much more than I could have asked for. I’m so happy that I had this experience.”
– Anahi Tellez, College Student

“The teacher training program is great at building a strong foundation. My Yoga practice is a lot more focused and spiritual now because of all that I learned. My expectations were to have all the tools to be a great teachers and now I do have them because of LMU, Terra and Eden. Thank You.”
– Christian Castano, Musician

“This course has helped me grow in many different areas of my life. I now see the importance of staying on the path of my passion and that it’s more than just taking asana classes. Teach what you know. Be an example. Tune into your center and let your inner guide lead you.”
– Dorinne Caine, HBO Executive

“The program was perfect. It definitely opened me up to new insightful and magical secrets. I loved every moment of it.”
– Karen Liu, Chiropractic/Acupuncture School Student

“I went from yoga as sadhana to yoga as community…and my skills have grown, my courage & desire to teach strengthened and my heart has come more fully into my practice. My expectations were a program that wouldn’t pidgeon-hole me into a narrow philosophy of yoga, but instead give me a broad basis on which to build a lifetime of practice and benefit. This program exceeded those expectations and it makes me glad I didn’t settle.”
– Rob Zabel, Artist

“I had come to this program with no expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised of how well all subject areas were covered and new areas of interest were developed for me. My understanding of Yoga and it’s real purpose has deepened. Yoga is not only about asanas anymore. It’s a lifestyle that is practiced regardless of what physical shape you are in! The end of this course is just the beginning of my studies.”
– Robert Ghodooshim, Apparel Industry Business Owner

“I would highly recommend the LMU TT as an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of philosophy and lineages/practices. Thru the spiritual portal which opened during class I was able to integrate spirituality and awareness into my life and have it influence my perceptions and actions. I enjoyed the TT and I will miss it.”
– Kim West

“I had been looking for a 200-hour Yoga program on weekends for several years. I found the ad in LA Yoga Magazine on the ground outside the YMCA in Newport Beach. Right time AND being taught by instructors who respect safety and therapy – right up my alley. The part where there were 19 guest instructors told me this was not a dictatorship in Yoga. The philosophy, music legends and asanas were so enriching. I had the fitness fear of going into weekend trainings and suffering body burnout. Not the case. Every subject left me wanting more information. Every scholar brought in had so much outstanding background and experience. They were wizards in their fields. Wonderful. Over the top. The richness of the information presented was truly a gift.”
– Karen Heersink, Fitness Professional

“The depth of my studying shifted to a whole new space in every aspect of yoga. There is not just one way and with all that is offered [at LMU] it becomes a fantastic body of knowledge from which to grow as a practitioner and teacher. It is as if there are places in my mind and body that have been unlocked. I feel that my practice has become so much more grounded in foundation and I see and feel in my body a much more integrated way of practicing.”
– Lori Kleiman, Yoga Instructor

“The one thing that the LMU training helped with was giving me a broader scope on the ‘living’ of yoga.”
– Shamime Shaw, Chef and Legal Assistant

“Prior to these classes at LMU, my perception of yoga was limited to the exercises and yoga poses in the Kundalini tradition. However, now I have a much broader view [of yoga] having been exposed to the many teachers in this course. Doing yoga with the different teachers has enabled me to refine my own yoga and also has created a more flexible body for me. My yoga practice has improved markedly and I feel I have a much better grasp of what yoga is all about. The program was very comprehensive, well designed and greatly expanded my overall view of yoga.”
– Farrokh Keyvan, Engineer


If someone is considering taking a Yoga teacher training program, what would you tell them about your experiences in our LMU TT?

“The Yoga and the Healing Sciences program at LMU is awesome. It is the Harvard of Yoga teacher training programs. More importantly, Eden and Terra are the most amazing teachers. They both give of themselves 1,000%!”
– Lynn Dolin, Psychologist

“Terra and Eden have put together an amazing program that will ultimately impact anyone’s life who takes the program in such a wonderful way. You will get a good basic understanding of anatomy, learn a set of postures to teach that make sense and meet an amazing group of people. I really loved the program.”
– Monique DeLoach, Middle School Teacher

“The LMU TT was an incredible introduction to the whole of Yoga. It was the most transformational experience I’ve ever been a part of. The relationships I’ve made with my classmates/kula and with myself are simply unbelievable. I would highly recommend it!”
– Jessica Fishburn, Graduate School Student and Lululemon Employee

“A comprehensive and complete program covering all the basic areas with exposure to different styles and their origins. The most important part is that it allows the student to choose their path based on their individual needs and growth.”
– Robert Ghodooshim, Apparel Industry Business Owner

“It was AWESOME! The teachers are great. You leave every class motivated. If you want to change your life in a positive way, do it.”
– Anahi Tellez, College Student

“It is an incredible experience. A family has been formed. You grow in ways you never expected to grow. The depth and breadth of knowledge was impressive. Well worth the tuition! It’s a deal for what was given by the instructors and the guests! So much love was given and created by the students, guest teachers and instructors.”
– Lisa Durow, Occupational Therapist

“The LMU TT program offered a plethora of knowledge. We got a taste of so many styles of yoga, not limited to the asana practice. We learned Sanskrit and pronunciation. We learned the history. We learned the reasons behind poses, adjustments to poses and variations to poses. It was more than you could dream to learn but it also offered an intimate space that allowed each student to have their own experience feeling safe and loved. If you are interested in becoming a Yoga teacher or learning more about yoga, you must enter this course!”
– Miranda Zosack, Equestrian and Horse Trainer

“I learned that Yoga is way more than asanas. Yoga is a philosophy and a way of life. This teacher training program taught me about life and how to live my life based on what’s important to me. This program taught me how to be diligent, hard-working and honest to myself and others. It also taught me that I’m not alone and that other people are just as eccentric, emotional and weird as me!”
– Alexis Earkman, Social Worker

“It’s da bomb!!”
– Barbara Treves, Interior Designer and Green Building Consultant

“LMU taught yoga as a whole giving a wonderful balance between tradition, modern medical knowledge, philosophy and spiritualism. It reminded me about how much more there is to yoga than asana.”
– Rob Zabel, Artist

“Eden and Terra are lifelong practitioners of Yoga and spirituality and it comes through their teaching by being knowledgeable of many traditions and being humble and respectful.”
– Dan Blanchard, Graphic Designer and Computer Expert

“I believe this course has been the best educational thing I could have taken to expand my knowledge base.”
– Cheri Dunbar-Legget, NASA physicist

“I would highly recommend the program at LMU. I can confidently say that a new chapter has opened up in my life giving me new opportunities in wanting to pursue yoga further both personally and potentially as an instructor. The program has been comprehensive and has touched on all aspects of life which make this program beneficial to those hoping to become teachers.”
– Farrokh Keyvan, Engineer

“Excellent teachers. Serious depth. Authentic. Well rounded education. Great for teachers and self improvement.”
– Zuade Kaufman, Founder of Truth Dig

“Fasten your seat belt and hang on to your mat! I loved the LMU TT program and am open to speaking to ANYONE on your behalf about this program and my experience.”
– Wanda Conrad, Business Manager @ AT&T

“It’s the best. I love all the different interests and input of the 20 plus teachers. It helps us make our own choices. When there is a single teacher, you get only one view. Everyone needs the freedom to find their own path. The LMU program allows that. It also makes you smart in a Yoga crowd.”
– Karen Heersink, Fitness Professional

“Be ready to be vulnerable and get closer to God.”
– Cynthia Rivas, Acupuncturist

“The LMU teacher training was a unique practical sampler of several forms of yoga practice, as well as including yoga foundations and relevant current, credible scientific research on meditation, breathing, and asana. It was an incredibly valuable educational experience, and provided me with a great deal of information and resources that I use everyday, in my personal practice, as a teacher, and in all aspects of my life. The credentials that I’ve earned here mean as much to my personal and intellectual growth as any academic or professional education programs I’ve ever been a part of (for a lot less money than graduate school!). I felt that every weekend, every class, every speaker, I could find a new favorite yoga “flavor” and a new level of understanding and connection that I could cherish and chew on, for the rest of the week and maybe for much, much longer. Thank you Terra, Eden, and LMU!!”
– Marie Stein, Lawyer

“This course is a beginning into yoga and will open many doors to get into a big explorational journey.”
– Zohreh Keyvan, Business Owner

“I would highly recommend this program. The teachers are fantastic and share a lot of their combined knowledge.”
– Dorinne Caine, HBO Executive

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