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Patient-centered care with the Yoga Doctors integrates advanced ancient eastern practices with the latest advancements in western movement science, rehabilitative therapy, wellness and prevention, pain management, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, nutritional therapy and mind-body medicine.

The ABC’s of care with the Yoga Doctors focuses on:

1. Alignment – Improving your posture and body dynamics, bringing focus to your energetic systems, creating greater ease in your daily activities

2. Balance – Establishing muscular patterns and lifestyle habits conducive to optimal health, harmonizing the meridian systems and biochemistry/nutrition of the body

3. Core – Facilitating better body integrity through intuitive advanced core activation exercises and emotional-release techniques

4. Stress Reduction – Reducing physical, mental and emotional stress through deep tissue myofascial release massage, Chiropractic adjustments, Acupuncture, nutritional therapy, Yoga and meditation & breathing practices

Along with taking a thorough history of your complaints/discomforts, our healthcare specialists will perform comprehensive examinations including orthopedic, neurologic, biochemical and/or functional exams.   If it is a muscular complaint, typically there is a pattern of postural compensation that people have developed called “muscle memory” resulting from an old injury, recent trauma, surgery, poor posture, chronic pain, or repetitive stress injuries from sports, exercise and even Yoga.

Through retraining your mind-body-energy systems and teaching your body to improve the communication between its various parts, you will discover that our therapy is an individualized approach that will address your specific needs, enhance your overall wellness and help you feel better.  Our ultimate goal is to discover, not just the symptoms, but the cause of WHY you are not feeling well or having problems to ensure that we get to the root of the problem and help you safely return to the activities that you love doing.  We want you to enjoy life and look forward to assisting you on the road to better health.


The Yoga Doctors