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Time for a New Look in your Home?

Whether you just moved to L.A., are going through a break-up, or simply want some new energy, buying new furniture can be both fun and overwhelming.  Here in Los Angeles, there are hundreds of furniture stores…so where does a yogi begin if he/she wants something unique and not mass produced?

The places listed below are a few of the locals’ best in L.A.  Definitely worth a field trip!  You will find top quality, artistic Indian pieces and you won’t get hit with a matching high Westside price tag.


Located off Sherman Way on the valley side of North Hollywood, this store is one of my favorites.  The owner, Viresh, is from just outside New Delhi and gives you the space to comfortably graze through his huge room of Indian treasures.  The range of products is perhaps the most intriguing feature about Sanskriti as you will find everything from ornate golden tables to antique carved dressers to nightstands with Hindu Gods and Goddesses painted on them.  His prices are the most fair in the city and you may even see his toddler son, Vijay, running around pulling the price tags off the pieces, which Viresh tells me is one of his son’s most favorite activities — much to his father’s dismay.  LOL.



If you didn’t know it was there you’d never know it was there!  Sweet smiling home is in the downtown arts district near where I-5 and I-10 meet.  It’s an enormous incognito warehouse that has Indian, Moroccan, Chinese and Indonesian pieces all in the same place.  Some stuff is more contemporary, some more classic…all of it is a real treat for those who delight in furniture from the eastern part of the world.  If you like the weathered, distressed Indian look, they have one of the top collections in all of Los Angeles.  Along with gorgeous beds and hip desks that would jazz up any room, they also have many dramatic items like human sized statues and a $20,000 gong.  Make sure to bring a sweater, too, if you go in the winter because it can be a little chilly.  O;-)


Way out in Little India in Artesia, Cottage Art has a traditional bazaaresque feel.  Walking up to the store, you will encounter sari-laden fabric shops and sweet and spice restaurants adorning your path in every direction.  That’s why they call it Little India after all.  Once inside the store, head toward the back where there’s a secret room with a nice selection of Indian furniture.  While their choices aren’t as broad as the first two places, they are special all the same.  Plus, they have a fabulous array of Indian pillows in the front of the store along with little seen statues of Brahma and Hanuman.

No active website.  The address is 18619 South Pioneer Boulevard in Artesia.


The closest in proximity to the yogi congregations on the Westside, Tara Home is easy to access off the La Cienega and Washington exit from I-10.  It’s right next door to Out of Asia (another amazing store to check out) where the Kali Klub held an event way back with DJ Cheb i Shabbah.  While the prices here are around double some of the others already mentioned, the furniture definitely has an air of quality that comes with that extra $$$.  Their pieces are more polished, more statement-oriented and definitely more like the Indian version of Pottery Barn.  It’s a store known by many of the locals that used to be located off Melrose and still has lots of great goodies that will bring beautiful new energy into your home…and make your bank account ponder the concept of emptiness.

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