Testimonials About Eden and His Work

“Eden is one of the kindest, compassionate doctors I know. His unique approach to
healing through chiropractic care and Yoga therapy is centered in deep awareness and respect.”

KB / Chiropractor

“Eden is a rock star. So knowledgeable, giving, and patient. He makes space for others to come in with their knowledge and is the perfect combination of Dr., P.T., Yogi, and Chiropractor.”

PH / Nurse

“First hike since long before PT. Able to enjoy this view because of you, Dr. Eden.

SA / Yoga Instructor And Fitness Professional

“I would highly recommend Eden. He is intelligent and compassionate. He can
communicate clearly and confirms you understand. I find his style gentle and effective whether it is as an instructor, a physician, or a spiritual influence.”

LB / Yoga Therapist

“Eden is a miracle-worker. I felt great after treatment.”

SG / Financial Analyst

“Thank you! Your work has helped me tremendously.”

AB / Hollywood Writer

“Eden is an excellent doctor, who not only has the technical skills to provide the best care, but also has the empathy to relate well to his patients and colleagues. It is apparent that patients leave the office feeling that they were truly listened to and treated with the highest standards. With his Yoga instruction background, Eden uniquely blends chiropractic, functional rehabilitation and yoga to teach patients how they can care for themselves in addition to speeding their recovery from injury or cumulative stress.”

GS / Chiropractor

“Eden! The teachings you provide are priceless. The passion you have is
priceless. YOU are PRICELESS! I woke up this morning and felt AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough. May a thousand blessings fall upon you.”

VB / Yoga Therapist